The Social House

The Social House

To become a thoroughly stimulating social, culinary, and business hub for Kenya’s capital city, in 2018, The Social House came up as an atypical hotel that transcends uniformity. More than a hotel, the House has now become a melting pot with an ongoing series of unique happenings, covering art, drama, music, business, fashion, cuisine and beyond. 

In 2018, The Social House came up with a master plan to become the melting pot of Nairobi’s urban scene. More than a typical hotel, Social House is where the quirky, fun-loving, innately social people gather, share stories, eat, dance, have fun and drink. In other words, this hotel becomes the spaces or experiences that are authentic, innovative and transcends uniformity.

CLIENT / The Social House
YEAR / 2018

To enhance the identity personality, we combine a different kind of Illustration that represents uniqueness and personal characteristics of the urban scene at Nairobi, Kenya’s growing capital city.