Himalaya Inspira by Jala Group

Himalaya Inspira by Jala Group

A subsidiary of JALA Group, one of the largest high-tech beauty company in Asia. In Himalaya Inspira, we believe in the power of people, in their beauty they have within and their power to transform their surroundings. Imagine uniting this potential in every people under one supportive family, we can help people to live a better, beautiful world.

Multi-Level Marketing is more than just making money. It’s all about networking, recognition, appreciation, and finding your true potential. To strengthen our brand values we have to get a unified look with the identity design. Our Harmony value represent our very first mission which to empower people, to help every people realize the beauty they’re born into, to help them feel confident in who they are and feel balanced in their life. A Modern look and feel accross our brand communication combined with with brightful and inspiring color combination to represent our brand beyond just a product and looks, but it represents our heritage and personality, it speaks the very essential part of what we do and what makes us unique as one big family. Together, We Live Beyond.



YEAR / 2020