Cordela Inn

Cordela Inn

Cordela Inn focuses on comfortable stay with affordable price for guests. We offer efficiency for our customers so they needless to worry about trivial things during their travel. 

CLIENT / Omega Group
YEAR / 2018

Positioned in the affordable/budget market, Cordela Inn is a brand focused on delivering a value accomodation with value price.

Our brand identity refers to the way it looks and communicates our logo, color, typography, super graphics, photography and tone of voice. This stage stretches the strength,  uidity and adaptability of the brand’s central idea against current and future brand potentials and market dynamics without risking its integrity.

Along with our logo, we also use mastergraphic to build a consistent identity. For Cordela Inn,the mastergraphic is a pattern inspired by Cordela Inn’s logo. Use this mastergraphic at the front, as a cover, or place it at the bottom.