All furnitures from Casaka is a masterpiece of ART. We make it from the best selection of natural wood with the details of Craftsmanship.

CLIENT / Casaka
YEAR / 2015

The idea of craftsmanship shouldn’t be only about the skills and techniques. It should be the way we preserve the natural beauty into something that we could enjoy and treasure. Every masterpiece is created by heart, from the perfection in every details. It is not just a furniture, it is an art. Art that tells its own story, origin, and a strong emotion.

At Casaka, we believe in the synergy of quality and aesthetics. We believe that furniture should serve both its function and its form just the same and we always ensure each of our products is a one-of-a-kind artwork that is not only pleasant to the eye but also long-lasting and sustainable.

When it comes to quality and details, we never cease to learn and to improve ourselves. At the same time, we constantly push our product design to be one step ahead, combining the natural feel and contemporary style.