Ashley Sabang

Ashley Sabang

Ashley Hotel is an accomodation that  offers the affordable luxury in the central of Jakarta. Our guest will feel the elegance atmosphere when entering our grand lobby. The simple, luxury and smart room design will be our extra value for our executive customers.

CLIENT / Prima Hospitality
YEAR / 2019

Who is Ashley? A member of the urban glitterati with her unique fashion sense and a thrill of social life. Ashley is a true believer of confident, strong, outspoken, and independent women.

She lays her time around social gathering, lavish her life with quality living, and  embrace her extraordinary life. Ashley shares and radiates unique moments at her hotel,
the reason it eventually named Ashley.

Ashley is a hotel that offers the affordable luxury in the centre of Jakarta.
Our guest shall feel the elegance atmosphere while entering the grand lobby. 

The simple, luxury and smart room design will be our extra value for our executive customers.

Inspired from the modern french style, we like to use the modern script typography as our identity to represents the characteristic of the Paris people that always good with their hand to create an art with their own style, this also reflect as us as an elegance hotel with the touch of Paris personality in it. We use the script and serif typography to represents the modern-classic luxury.

Ashley mastergraphic patterns are inspired from several French iconic architectures. Which are Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and Louvre Museum.


We want our guests feel they are special. From our collaterals, we like to give the finest from their check in items,
into their personal amenities and informative collaterals.

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